Our dentists regularly participate in special further trainings to learn new technologies and deepen their knowledge, thus refining their actual professional experience. All of our dentists are recognized specialists in the field of dentistry they are specialized in. Based on our outstanding professional knowledge as well as building on each other’s strong points we offer our patients the best dental services based on their individual needs. Our dentists will make our patients’ teeth healthy through an individually tailored dental treatment plan. We offer warranty on the completed dental treatments.

We speak the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Hungarian

dr_istvan_balogh_chief_dental_specialistProf. Dr. Istvan Balogh

Our clinic’s chief dentist was the chief dentist of the largest dental institute in Budapest for several decades. He was responsible for the departments of prosthesis, implantology, oral surgery, dental X-rays, periodontics, orthodontics and restorative dentistry. As a professor, he has been teaching at universities up to the present, passing his knowledge to the next generation. Besides careful work his greatest strength is that, thanks to his great logical thinking skill, he can make a perfect dental plan based on the static condition of the teeth, thus, making a proposed treatment plan based on each patient’s oral health needs.
Besides dental design he does precise, high-quality work in each field of dentistry, and thus, he can control and supervise the work of his colleagues in the clinic.

He also offers personal consultations in Basel, London and Budapest, and it is also he who makes a customized treatment plan based on the consultation with the assistance of his colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Istvan Balogh has a UK GDC registration number (GDC Nr. 239966)


Dr. Attila Toth

Area of specialization: dental implants

With over 20 years of experience in implant dentistry he is one of the most well-known dental implantologists. While continuously participating in different trainings hedelivers lectures at Hungarian universities.

Professionalism, high professional knowledge, precision and reliability characterise his work.

Spoken language: English

Dr. Attila Toth has a UK GDC registration number (GDC Nr. 120457)




Dr. Norbert Velich

Master of Oral Medicine and Implantology

Dr. Norbert Velich has over 18 years experience in dental implantation. He is a member of the Hungarian Implantology Association. Dr. Norbert Velich has wide experience both in oral- and maxillofacial surgery and implant prosthodontics. His main field of interest is implant surgery bone grafting and implant prosthodontics.
Spoken language: English

Dr. Norbert Velich has a UK GDC registration number (GDC Nr. 179857)





Dr. Eva Toth

Areas of specialization: endodontics, cosmetic dentistry

With more than 20 years of experience she performs the cosmetic dental and endodontic treatments in our clinic. Besides her work she has been teaching her special field at university up until today.

Quality, aesthetic objectives, precision and professionalism characterise her work.

Spoken languages: English, German

Dr. Eva Toth has a UK GDC registration number.




Dr. Zsolt Nemeth

Areas of specialization: dental implantology, oral surgery, dental jaw surgery

He has over 30 years of experience and was director of a dental and oral surgery department for a decade. He is board member of the Association of Dental Implantology. Besides his work participating in different trainings is also important to him. He gives permanently lectures in his field of specialization.

High professionalism, accuracy and reliability characterise his work.

Spoken languages: English, German, Japanese





Dr. Barbara Bansagi

Areas of specialization: fixed prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics

With more than 20 years of experience she carries out fixed prosthetic, endodontic and cosmetic dental treatments in our clinic.
Quality, accuracy, aesthetic objectives and professionalism are of great importance in her work.

Spoken languages: English, German

Dr. Barbara Bansagi has a UK GDC registration number.





Dr. Edit Szots

Areas of specialization: general dentistry, oral diseases, aesthetic dentistry

She gained more than 30 years of professional experience in one of the largest clinics in Hungary. Prior to dental treatments she holds an extra consultation with the dental surgery staff on the implementation of treatment, thus, working with multiple perspectives, she can always use the best solutions. She is a very sociable person and a real team builder.

Her strength is professional, aesthetically pleasing, high-quality dental work.

Spoken language: German





Dr. Peter Sigmond

Areas of specialization: general dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, dentures, oral diseases

He has over 30 years of experience. He has acquired more years of experience in the field of general dentistry and implant dentistry in our private dental clinic as well as in one of the largest dental clinics in Hungary.

Precision, accuracy, thoroughness are of utmost importance to him.

Spoken language: English