• Prior to any dental treatment it is absolutely necessary a personal dental consultation as the static condition of teeth and the condition of the soft tissues at teeth can not be assessed with 100% accuracy based only on the panoramic X-ray. Patients can opt for either Basel, London or directly prior to the treatments Budapest as the place of their personal consultation.
  • Following the consultation, our dentists will offer a unique, customized treatment plan based on the oral condition of the patient.
  • Our specialists have gained extensive experience in prosthetic, laser, cosmetic and traditional dental treatments in our private dental clinic in Budapest during its more than 30 years of services.
  • In each dental treatment we work exclusively with high-quality raw materials.

Dental surgeries and interventions can be carried out under general anaesthesia or by using nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) in the case of patients with high dental fear. This service is also possible in the case of more major surgeries of longer duration. The cost of general anaesthesia and nitrous oxide anaesthesia will vary depending on the type of dental intervention, and their price will be included in the individual dental treatment plan.