The laser as a cutting tool without touching the material to be cut is a well-known tool used in many areas of medicine. Everyone has heard about laser eye or laser cosmetic surgery. Well, in the field of dental treatments too, incredible results can be achieved by means of laser, but good practice and knowledge are of great importance. The dentists of our dental clinic have extensive experience in the field of laser dentistry as they use it on a daily basis in successful dental procedures.

The benefits of laser dentistry:

  • The dental treatments are much less painful
  • Reduced feeling of discomfort caused by dental interventions
  • By using it, a shorter surgery time is required
  • Faster wound healing time
  • Less bleeding during interventions, thus the dental treatment can be performed more precisely
  • By using it, the areas adjacent to the treated surface are not touched on, thus they do not need to be treated
  • The treatment can be carried out with more precision
  • Reduced swelling formation and their healing is faster
  • Due to laser therapy bacteria growth in the mouth is reduced
  • It is an excellent and the most effective method in the treatment of periodontal and gum disease