The dental tourism itself is a kind of dental care outside of your local healthcare systems.

This solution based on the advantage of the quality work with reduced expenses. Europeans find this advantages in Hungary. The whole country, mainly Budapest, is famous about the dental tourism because of the previously mentioned reasons and furthermore the capital city itself is more and more attractive for tourist/patients.

Hungary boasts more dentists per capita than any other country in EU. The Hungarian dentaltourism was started in the early 80’s when the patienst from Austria realised this opportunity. Hungary was one of the first countries to exploit the healthcare needs of neighbouring countries and encourage patients to cross borders for treatment. It became popular for Austrian and German patients to travel to Hungary for dental care.

Our patients come from worldwide locations, primarily the UK and Switzerland to our Clinic in Budapest to take advantage of the high quality work with reduced expenses. We are available in Budapest, London and from now in Basel.

We provide you the adventage of dental tourism:

  • Personal consultation and advice
  • Receive your individual offer and treatment plan via email
  • Treatment in Budapest (Hungary)
    • One of the most famous place of dentaltourism is Budapest
    • Our patients come from Switzerland and England for high quality with reduced expenses
    • Language of treatment: English, German, Franch, Italian, Hungarian
    • We can support your trip to Budapest in: accommodation, transfer, sight-seeing Budapest
  • 2 state-of-the-art dental clinics in Budapest
  • Warranty on all the treatments we carry out

How to get from Basel to Budapest?

By flight: (Easyjet) 80 min
By train: Basel-Zürich-Budapest (12-13h)
By car: 1100 km (10-11h)