Free e-consultation with dr. Prof. Istvan Balogh

Do you have questions about some treatment options? Are you interested in having dental treatment in Budapest? Send us a new panoramic X-ray with your questions and we send you a treatment plan with prices.

Our process step by step

1. Information / contact us

  • If it is important to you that your teeth be treated depending on their specific condition and that the treatment be carried out by dentists specialized in the required field, contact us for a personal consultation or send us a panoramic X-ray, not older than 2 months
  • After contacting us we will send you one or two optional personalized treatment plans based on your panoramic X-ray or we will schedule an appointment for a personal consultation either in Basel, Budapest or London.
  • If you need further information regarding the setup of a consultation or interventions, please contact us by e-mail or phone


2. Consultation and the first steps

  • You can choose to have your personal consultation both in Basel, Budapest or London
  • During the consultation our leading dentist will examine the static conditions and structure of your teeth, make panoramic dental X-rays, then will tell you what options there are to treat the teeth, and what type of dental prosthesis would be suitable for you to replace missing teeth
  • Following the consultation we send you a detailed treatment plan without any hidden costs.
  • If you first choose the dental plan based on the panoramic X-ray, and if you come to Budapest to have your teeth treated based on the individual plan, it is also necessary to have a personal dental consultation so that the treatment plan based on the personal consultation and the panoramic X-ray can be finalized.


3. The treatment plan and price offer acceptance and preparation for the treatment in Budapest

  • After the acceptance of the personalized dental treatment plan you need to schedule an appointment before starting treatment
  • The treatment takes place in Budapest in our private dental and oral surgery clinic
  • If patients need, we stay at their disposal to organize their travel and find accommodation
  • In case there are any questions until treatment starts we keep in constant touch with patients through our international patient coordinator


4. Personalized dental treatment

  • We help patients travel between the hotel and the dental clinic
  • We provide English/German/Italian/French communication during the treatment
  • Prior to the beginning of each patient’s treatment the actual dentists of the clinic will consult with each other about the treatment plan
  • Following this, in all cases, we will explain our patients each step of their dental treatment
  • If the patient requires, a personal coordinator will assist him/her in the transport, orientation, and visiting of the attractions in Budapest from the locals’ perspective


5. End of dental treatment, warranty

  • We offer warranty on all the treatments we carry out